This blog is the result of an English project on the lovely poet Adrienne Rich.

Within this blog you will find a brief essay on who Adrienne Rich was, videos and audios of her readings, photos of her throughout her life, and analyses of 5 of her poems.


Hannah Kirk : Blog Design & Format
Simon C.: Final Proofreading
Mara: Final Proofreading
Sara: Editor
Joe-Anne: Citations

3 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Comment #1
    I’ve decided to comment your welcome page for the simple reason that your whole blog is amazing, I can easily find the categories on top and check out all the content on the blog. I read some poems from Adrienne Rich and the analysis you’ve guys made and they are well formulated. The “Storm Warnings” analysis was really good in my opinion. I would like to give some advice about things to improve but it is already really good in general. Keep it up.

    Emmanuel Mancilla-F.

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  2. I really like your blog, it is interesting, well organized and you guys wrote nice essays, but the only “advice” that I would give you is that the background pattern you have does not allow you to read the comments,it is too dark, so maybe just change the colour of the writing or the background pattern. Apart from that I really like this blog. 🙂


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